How to Make a Homemade Face Scrub


This evening, as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, applying warm olive oil to my hair, I thought, man! I really need a good facial now, and my pampering would be complete! 

Google, how I love you.

Would you like to see the ideas I came up with? Of COURSE you would, inquisitive readers!

I got this awesome recipe from THIS ARTICLE and they’re my favorite source for good facials.
1 C Salt
1/2 Olive Oil
1 Raw Tomato
Combine the Olive Oil and the Salt in a small bowl, then scoop out the innards of a tomato and mash it in. Voila. A moisturizing and tightening homemade facial!

What’s that? You want MORE? 


SKIN RENEWAL SCRUB for hands and feet
1 C Sugar
3/4 C Grapeseed Oil
A few drops of Lavender Essential Oil
Mix it all up and rub it in. Really. Brag about how great you feel afterwards — let’s get the world to be more organic!

Also? Make sure you’re putting these scrubs into airtight containers. Especially any with fresh fruit or veggies — they need to be refrigerated as well as airtight.