Boy, I’m irritable today! Someone switched brains with me when I wasn’t looking because usually, decorating the Christmas tree doesn’t bug the hell out of me. The ornaments wouldn’t hang straight and the topper wouldn’t sit still and it just seemed like everything was against me! Against me, I say!


Today, dear reader, I pose to you a question:
How reasonably cool is UNreasonably cool when it comes to your significant other having friends of the opposite gender?

All of us want to be the cool partner. We want to be chill, alright with them hanging out one-on-one, and we definitely don’t want to be jealous. But is there a point where you cross the line from reasonably cool to being unreasonably cool? This is a difficult question. In addition to not wanting to be the needy girlfriend/boyfriend, we don’t like dealing with questions like this. At least, I don’t. I’d rather just push everything aside and pretend we don’t have differences or jealousy. I’d rather pretend I’m okay with whatever he chooses to do, and not address the issue when it comes up. (It all comes down to talking to each other, huh? Sigh.)

But, we’re human. And we can only shove the issues we have with the other aside for so long before one of two things happens:
You explode and come off as the crazy person,
You REALLY don’t care anymore. You basically train yourself to not care.

If you aren’t willing to talk it out with your spouse, pick your poison. Because they’re both poison, and they’re both a recipe for complete disaster in your relationship. 
Let’s all talk a little bit more, and not pretend so much.