My Top 5 FAVORITE Movie Moments


Okay. So today I was sitting at work thinking, gosh, I need to make a list of my favorite movies! And then I was like, wait.. It’d be even COOLER to do a list of my favorite MOMENTS from my favorite movies and add YouTube clips to the post! 

And, well, BOOM. Here you go. 

Topping MY charts at #1, is from my favorite movie.. ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever…
Ever After – starring Drew Barrymore. “I kneel before you, not as a prince, but as a man in love…but I would feel like a king if you, Danielle DeBarbarac, would be my wife.” Who WOULDN’T burst into tears if someone said this to them?! Here’s the clip.
#1 – The Proposal From “Ever After”

Don’t worry, they’re not all mushy. 🙂 This one is just one of my very favorite Jennifer Lawrence moments, EVER. And trust, I have a lot of them. 

#2 – Jennifer Lawrence’s Monologue From “Silver Linings Playbook”
(Not sure what’s up with the Aimersoft in the middle of the screen…ignore it as best you can!)

#3 – The Scene That We Can All Identify With From “Like Crazy”
“It’s the halves that half you in half.” Long distance relationships. They’re for the birds.

#4 – The Speech From “Braveheart”

#5 – There Will Never Be Anyone For Me But You From “Anne of Green Gables”


Holy Mega Typhoon Batman!


So… a category 5 storm just slammed into the Philippeans on Friday with winds hitting the ground BREAKING 235 miles per hour. Let’s put this into comparison.

That’s faster than

The world’s fastest helicopter is only 14 miles faster per hour than this wind at 249.1 mph. In fact, the Toro 51609 Ultra 12 amp Variable Speed electric leaf blower reaches 235 miles an hour on high. Imagine a huge-ass leaf blower with balance-tipping ability, and multiply it times.. well, the world as you know it.

Also, Gizmodo provided the images I slapped into this post. Take a look at how this typhoon looks from space.

Sources: Gizmodo’s “Super Typhoon Haiyan Just Broke All Scientific Intensity” and Reuter’s “Super Typhoon Haiyan Slams Into Philippines, Millions Flee” and Listverse’s “15 Fastest Things In The Universe” and Speed Kills “This Is Why You Can’t Outrun A Cheetah”

We’re Becoming “Stupider”


Today I googled “cell phones are destroying society” to see what would pop up. Interestingly enough, I came across this article called “Are Cell Phones Destroying Society?” by Billy Teed of Fun 107.

Billy says,

Numbers don’t lie. Young adults send an average of 109.5 text messages a day or about 3,200 texts each month.  They receive an additional 113 text messages and check their cell 60 times in a typical day and one average, college students spend about seven hours daily interacting with information and communication technology.

When I was growing up, the authoritative figures in my life tried to teach me restraint. The saying was, “moderation in all things, Allie.” Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’d say, and log back onto my computer, or call a friend back on the telephone, or plug the PS2 back up and start gaming, all of which lasted hours more! Restraint. It’s practically non-existent today. If you want to get wasted, all you have to do is google the nearest bar. If you want to have sex with a random stranger, there’s an app for that. Don’t know how to spell? Say hi to auto-correct. I have no patience when an individual my own age walks up and asks, “is ‘people’ spelled ‘e-o’ or ‘o-e’?” I just want to ask them what the heck they were doing in Spelling class when they were twelve. I get tired of hearing things from girls like, “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t hire me just because I can’t spell!!” or guys who “don’t subscribe” to the suit-and-tie approach to office work and get fired for being too casual. The media feeds us lies about how we should think, or how much we don’t NEED our education, or how schools are only a waste of time. Fifteen year old drop-outs still haven’t acquired a job that trumps McDonald’s by the time they’re twenty five because, well, they didn’t even finish high school. All because they wanted immediate satisfaction – they had no moderation. They wanted fun, fun, fun and no work. And society teaches us that this is acceptable! Apps, games, computers. Seven year olds owning iPads.


“You can watch tv for 30 minutes, Bobby, but then you have to go outside and play till dinner.” THAT was how I grew up! A few months ago I was hired as a babysitter for a night. When I showed up, the parents had the kid curled up on the couch with a bag of tootsie rolls and a dvd of Despicable Me. Trust me when I say, I LOVE THAT MOVIE. But I was really unimpressed when they told me that there was a stack of movies on the coffee table and a microwave dinner on the counter for the kid, and if he started screaming for something, just give it to him. At age 6, they were teaching him, probably unknowingly, that life should be all about doing the most convenient, most immediately satisfying thing. You’re bored? Here, have a movie and some chocolate. Why don’t we start teaching you early that candy and the media is the best cure for boredom? The child will grow up to be an overweight gamer, or an office assistant who sits in a chair all day and goes home to his parent’s basement and hangs out on internet chats to meet girls. It’s about immediate, constant satisfaction.

No moderation.

After all, with an app for everything, and so many ways to do everything without moving a muscle, why SHOULD we exercise moderation?

Of travel, work, and disinteresting things.


Nothing interested me today. I spent the weekend at my mom’s house down in Southwest Texas and really didn’t feel like coming back. Ever. I wanted to throw in the towel, toss my hands in the air, and dance around in circles yelling about how few the number of fucks were that I gave. Sadly, I’m responsible. Mom says she’s not sure where I got that gene, but I know that I have worked hard to cultivate it. I drove the three hours back up to the Woodlands to hit up work, then I even hit the gym. And the whole time, I was staring blankly at objects that made me feel empty. My student’s house — a three story family home with multiple living rooms and enough family to fill it. My exercise bike — with it’s annoying, green, blinking screen and the half-assed clicking of the pedals hitting metal as my feet pressed them with no interest and even less energy. My car — constantly needing to be filled with gas, when it seemed I was going nowhere. My hands — with my phone filling them, staring at the black screen, then putting it down in disinterest, and picking it back up again because it’s habit. I’ve hit a wall of depression and I’m scared. It’s been about eight months since I’ve truly struggled with this. What changed? What’s new? Perhaps it’s the stress, weighing me down like someone’s crouched on my shoulders. Or the impending move back to Alaska causing the worry that doesn’t seem to leave my forehead. Or this emptiness I feel when I talk to God, like He’s not listening. I know He is — I know He cares. But I can’t feel it right now. Seems like I’m having a hard time feeling anything. What’s wrong with me?

NaNoWriMo 2013: Want to Write a Novel?


I’m doing it this year!! Like I have for the past..three? hahaha.. never finished one yet, but I’m not daunted!!

The Blog

It’s just a few days until November, and you know what that means: National Novel Writing Month, better known ’round these parts as NaNoWriMo, is near.

Have you always wanted to write a novel?

We know some of you have been waiting all year for this month! For those of you who are new to this project, here’s the gist:

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